Bajaj Pulsar RS400 launch uncertain, Is it going to be launched in india?

Bajaj Pulsar RS400 launch uncertain, Is it going to be launched in india? 

Bajaj pulsar RS400 was showcased as a concept long ago. It was going to be the firs fully faired bike from Bajaj. The Pulsar RS400 was about to be launched in the year 2016 but bajaj skipped that and there were no further update on that. Instead of the RS400 bajaj launched its downsized version the pulsar RS 200. The faired pulsar model was showcased as a concept in the 2014 auto expo, after that it created a big buzz in the Indian two wheeler market.

Pulsar RS400 was supposed to be launched soon after the auto expo but it didn't happen. In the year 2018 bajaj officially confirmed the launch of the new pulsar RS400, but again skipped that without any reason.
Bajaj Puslar RS400

Along with the pulsar there was also a 400cc naked bike showcased in the auto expo, known as the Pulsar CS400. The pulsar CS400 launched in india with a new name the Dominar 400. Now in 2015 there were speculations of the launch of the RS400 as a lot of times a camouflaged faired pulsar similar to what was showcased as the concept in the auto expo was  spotted testing, but that turned out to be the Pulsar RS400. 

The pulsar that was spotted testing was the mini version of the flagship pulsar, RS200. At that time it was the fastest pulsar in india. Now fast forward to 2018 and when bajaj has officially confirmed the launch of a 400cc pulsar. Once again a camouflaged Pulsar RS was spotted testing in new colors, so people thought of it as the RS400 but the reality was different. The spotted test bike was the BS4 compliant Pulsar RS200 in new colors.

Launch Of Pulsar RS400 in India in 2020

As of now there are no signs of launch of the Bajaj Pulsar RS400 in India. however bajaj has already launched the BS6 compliant Dominar 400 in the Indian Market. There are no official confirmation on the launch possibility of the Pulsar RS400 in India. i don't think it is going to launch in India anytime soon. 

Specifications of Pulsar RS400

here are the expected specifications of the Pulsar RS400 if it is launched. it will be mainly based on  the Domianr 400. In terms of design it will be same as it was showcased to be in the year 2014. It may have some minor change in terms of design but nothing major design change is expected. 

The New age Pulsar could adopt some new features like LED headlamps for a fresh look. Honestly the design of pulsar RS200 looks outdated and clingy. If the pulsar RS400 adopts the same design  as its younger sibling it will already look old and will lose out in terms of design to its competitors KTM RC 390 and TVS Apache RR310. 
Price of the Bajaj Pulsar RS400

The pulsar RS400 will share its engine with its naked sibling the Dominar 400. it will have a 373cc single-cylinder engine. The engine will be liquid-cooled and fuel-injected. As the new domianr 400 has a DOHC engine instead of SOHC, the pulsar will also have a DOHC engine. The power and torque output will be similar to the Domianr 400 or it could be slightly changed in the new pulsar.

as the new domianr has USD front forks we expect bajaj to pass that to the Pulsar RS400. other mechanical parts like brakes and rear suspension will also be the same. 


We hope bajaj launches  this product soon in India. As it is already famous among the pulsar lovers and could give the Dominar 400 buyers a option to choose a faired machine. Bajaj Pulsar RS400 is one of the most awaiting motorcycle in India since 2014 when its was first showcased. 

Lets see when it launches in India.